Guided visit to Pisa

with a guide

The things to see in Pisa are the following:
A. Piazza dei Miracoli where, together with your expert guide, you will discover its monuments known precisely as “miracles” for their uniqueness and incredible beauty.
B. Duomo, a typical example of Pisan Romanesque architecture (you will visit the interior if there is not too much tail).
C. the Baptistery characterized by its typical circular shape and surrounded by suggestive colonnaded porticoes and by its “Camposanto”, originally a cemetery, which then became an extraordinary quadrangular cloister.
D. The comment of the guide will be particularly focused on the Tower of Pisa, one of the wonders of the world. Let yourself be fascinated by the history and structure of the Tower, which stimulates the imagination of all visitors. The visit of the interior is optional: climb the 294 steps necessary to reach its top. A truly incredible experience. You remain open-mouthed at the sight of this extraordinary phenomenon caused by the instability and the softness of the soil.
E. Follow your guide through the old city, stopping to admire the church of San Sisto, one of the oldest churches in Pisa, and explore the medieval Piazza dei Cavalieri, which houses the Torre del Conte Ugolino, mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy . The tour will continue to the Pisan Lungarni and then stop in Piazza Garibaldi, the hub of the city.

SOLUTION 1 (A + B + D) Duration 60/90 min .: € 15 without visit to the tower; € 38 with visit to the tower.
SOLUTION 2 (A + B + C + D) Duration 90/120 min .: € 26 without visit to the tower; € 50 with visit to the tower.
SOLUTION 3 (A + B + C + D + E) Duration 120/150 min .: 30 € without visit to the tower; € 52 with visit to the tower.

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